Student Support

Remember ALWAYS use your sound field system to amplify your voice.

Shepherdson proudly supports all children in the community. Wherever possible within the classroom with quality differentiated teaching practice. But sometimes with extensive support from our Gandjarr Gurrpan Dalkunharaw special needs unit or our school counselor.  For behavioural issues please refer to  our Behaviours for Learning and Applied Classroom Behaviours.

Student Overview is a live document that outlines all students with and identified disability and any students currently displaying behaviours of concern that may require support in the future. 

Current Individual Student Plans: Please update these plans for any students in your class that require them. 

If you feel that a child in your class is in need of extra support, you are correct.   

At any given time expect 30% of your class to currently have hearing issues and 95% will have had hearing issues at some point, emotional/behaviour needs are also high, and in mainstream schools 5% of students have high level special needs.  Without a dedicated special needs school to take these high needs students at Shepherdson they are included within your class.    First check in Student Overview to see if they have already been identified and if so what quality differentiated classroom practice  or other support is suggested in their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). 

When dealing with student support issues email  For the department to consider extra support for a student, the classroom teacher must have trialled a student support plan for 10 weeks. 

It is important to note that we as teachers are the experts in children and behaviour management.  When you talk with parents do not simply tell them of the issues you are facing in the classroom, go with plans and options for behaviour management, reward systems and encouragements.  Plan a way forward with the family.

To include the whole of your class: