Middle-Years at Shepherdson College is from grades 7 to 9. It is three years of literacy-rich Australian Curriculum (ACARA) based studies focusing on engagement and development of students leading up to years 10-13 in Senior-Secondary which is up to four years of SACE and VET units designed to give students every opportunity to complete the requirements or 'pattern' and graduate with their Northern Territory Certificate of Education NTCET.  NTCET units are delivered in a mix of school-based lessons, and distance learning via NTSDE and training organisations such as CDU and Swinburne

Students who choose to graduate before completing their pattern will receive a school-based acknowledgement of their learning achievements.  

Returning students under 18 years are welcome to re-enroll and complete their pattern. We encourage older people returning to learning to talk to community organisations such as ALPA about training or CDUs alternative pathways  unless they are close to completion of their NTCET.