Mapping a Sharepoint resource to a drive

1. go to School Central using Internet Explorer.

2. browse to the finance drive (for example)

3. Select 'Library' and then 'Open with Explorer'

4. in Internet Explorer select the URL

5. then select >Home>Easy access>Map as drive

6. Paste the URL into the requester, and click finish.

Or to map the school resources copy the below script, save it on your desktop as mapDrive.vbs 

Option Explicit

Dim l: l = "L:"

Dim s: s = ""

Dim Network: Set Network = CreateObject("WScript.Network")

Dim CheckDrive: Set CheckDrive = Network.EnumNetworkDrives()

Dim DriveExists: DriveExists = False

Dim i

For i = 0 to CheckDrive.Count - 1

  If CheckDrive.Item(i) = l Then

    DriveExists = True

  End If


If DriveExists = False Then

  Network.MapNetworkDrive l, s, False


  MsgBox l + " Drive already mapped"

End If