All the practical stuff


  • Telstra is the only service provider with mobile coverage here.

  • Home internet is ADSL2+ or NBN via satelite however you have to be very persistent with telstra to get connected.

  • As the houses are steel clad mobile internet and phone reception will be poor indoors.


  • Address for your mail:

C/ Shepherdson College

PMB 74

Via Winnellie 0822

  • Bring stamps with you, as you can drop post in our mail bag at the front office.

  • Get an account with Seaswift (1800 424 422) or Barge Express (08) 8947 4960 to send over any bulky things.

  • Coles, Woolworths, Greenies (and most shops in Darwin) will deliver to the barges.

  • Galiwin'ku is a dry community so don’t try to bring in grog, it doesn’t end well.

  • On school days Henry will collect any barge orders on Tuesday for you, just ask the office to let him know it's coming.


  • Crocodiles are common, take care around water.

  • Jellyfish are also deadly.

  • Snakes are few, due to the cane toads, but take care.

  • You will need to lock or lose anything that can be locked or moved.

  • Dogs are mostly friendly, but if they get cheeky just pick up a rock, you probably don’t even need to throw it.


  • Melioidosis is rare, boils scabies and other tropical infections are common but minor issues. However a tropical boil on a joint or your head is SERIOUS seek medical advice.

  • Miwatj clinic offer a free medical service, however you are advised to see your regular GP and get scripts filled while on break.

  • There is no chemist, so stock up on cold & flu pills, etc. in Darwin.


  • See Staff Handbook for details about housing expectations

  • If your contract extends beyond 6 months the department will organise an uplift, so keep receipts if you bring over more than your initial allocation such as a vehicle.

  • Your house has been through two category 4 cyclones in 2015 and is fine, just stock up on a week's worth of water and torch batteries during cyclone season, and a can opener. You will have a chest freezer, but the power will be lost in a cyclone, so freeze lots of water beforehand to keep it cool.

  • There is no pool in Galiwin'ku and swimming in the ocean can be a dangerous affair. Bring a hose and a bucket.





Map of Galiwin'ku with Lot Numbers

Map of Elcho Island