New staff induction checklist

There are many things to learn when starting at Shepherdson College and some are more urgent than others. This is the checklist of information and processes you will need to know and when: New Staff Induction Checklist. Some more details for the items that are to be completed before Day 1 are listed below.

Before arriving in Galiwin'ku

Department of Education Induction course  - This is organised by the Department of Education and is usually held in Darwin in the week prior to the start of term. DoE will contact you to organise travel and accomodation at this.

Read through the New Staff Induction Page  and the Staff Handbook - The information provided on the New Staff Induction Page and in the Staff Handbook will answer most of your questions. If you have any questions then please email Shaun Ferris. Remember that no question is stupid.

Phone call with Principal Team to clarify any issues - You will get a call from one of the Principal Team to check that everything is going OK and if you have any questions or concerns.

Before Day 1

Airport pickup, community tour and house check - Most staff arrive on the Saturday or Sunday before term starts and you will be picked up from the airport. After you will get your house keys and we will check that everything is OK with your house and if you need any furniture or maintenance. Later in the day you will have a tour of the community so you know where the main facilities are.

School tour and explanation of school processes and facilities  - There is a lot to cover in this session including:

ICT setup and laptop - There is a lot to cover in this session as well including:

Curriculum explanation - This will depend on your teaching area within the school

Behaviour process - This will be explained

Rolls and attendance explanation - Va at the front office will explain this

Academic mentor assigned - An academic mentor will be assigned before day 1 and a cultural mentor will be assigned once school has commenced