Everyday school stuff

Classroom ICT

Most classrooms should have a brand new interactive projector and speaker system with a teacher microphone. Wifi is throughout the school, laptops and chromebooks are available for students (see bookings). You and your students have a google account via elcho.org and also an NTSchools account. Someone will help you out with a laptop and account information when you get here. 


See schedule in Staff Handbook. There is an early finish on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm for a Learning Together meeting in the library. The minutes for each meeting are at https://shepherdson.elcho.org/staff/meetings


Current bookings can be seen at https://shepherdson.elcho.org/staff/ict/bookings. New bookings can be made in the School Calendar  by double clicking the calendar on the desired date/time to make a new booking and changing from "Guests" to "Rooms". Each room or resource (eg. vehicles, computers, rooms) can be found here. 

Marking rolls

The roll is completed through SAMS online twice each day by 9:15am and 12:15pm. Additionally a paper copy is handed into office every Friday afternoon. This paper copy is in case of an evacuation, for relief teachers or the RSAS Attendance Team. Our school funding is based upon our attendance and so it is vital that these are completed punctually and accurately. You should make every effort to find out the reason behind a student’s absence. You can ask family members at school or give the name to the RSAS (Remote Schools Attendance Strategy AKA Red Shirts) team to follow up during the day. If you know that a student is sick, at a funeral or wagging there are particular codes to be used:

/ = Present

U = Un-notified absence (you don't know why they are absent or where they are)

L = Late (after 9:15am or 12:15pm

O = Authorised out of class, e.g. seeing counsellor, Joe etc

X = Unauthorised absence i.e. running around/wagging/sleeping at home. Add additional info in the notes section on SAMS.

N = Sanctioned absence (appointments, family holidays, accompanying family member out of community) This can be used for 10 days consecutively then unauthorised absence (X).

F = Funeral. This can be used for 3 days consecutively, followed by N for up to 10 days.

S = Sick. This can be used for 3 days without a medical certificate or an unlimited time with a medical certificate.

Please see this link for more information about attendance codes for marking your roll. From time to time, you will be asked to use a specific attendance code, the Principal or delegate will let you know about this. 


Your class will participate regularly with Learning on Country (LoC) with full day trips. You will be notified when these are to take place. These are a fantastic opportunity to learn from the yolngu staff and students and to build relationships.


See Staff Handbook for process. In an emergency call/message Shaun Ferris on 0428198586.


You will be shown the reporting template and process by about Term 2 Week 4 for Semester 1 Reports and Term 4 Week 4 for Semester 2 Reports.


You will be provided information about students with additional needs in the first week by the SWAN Unit and your ST1 or AP.

Timetable and notices

You will be provided with a printed timetable but things can change very suddenly. The Master Timetable also has individual teacher timetables in the Print Teacher tab. It is essential that you check the notices every morning before work to see the daily events and staffing changes.

Snack break and lunch process

Your students are provided with morning snack and lunch each day. The number of meals that you will receive for your students is the number of students present on your roll so please update your roll (L) if students arrive late. The daily process is: