Shep Maths Resources

Overview / Planning

Transition yearly planning guide

Year 1 and 2 yearly planning guide

Year 3 and 4 yearly planning guide

Year 5 and 6 yearly planning guide

Early (and later) Years Number Activities

Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies - Book 1 (Whole Number counting, addition, subtraction)

Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies - Book 2 (Whole Number grouping, multiplication, division)

Subitising Powerpoints (For whole class subitising practice across a wide range of arrangements and totals)

First Steps resources

Number book 1 (whole, decimal, fractional numbers)

Number book 2 (operations, calculations and patterns)

Number Diagnostic

Measurement book 1 (units and direct measurement)

Measurement book 2 (indirect measure, estimation)

Chance and Data book

Chance and Data diagnostic

Space book

Space diagnostic

Sequenced Fractions Program

Fractions: Pikelets and Lamingtons

Fractions: Pikelets and Lamingtons - Investigations (higher level)

Fractions: Pikelets and Lamingtons - Investigations Worksheets (higher level)

Sequenced Measurement Program

Measurement Part 1

Measurement Part 2a

Measurement Part 2b

Sequenced Pattern and Algebra Program

Teaching Pattern and Algebra

Middle Primary Angles Unit

Teaching Angles

Sequenced Geometry (Space) Program

(download file and click on Index file to run)

Teaching Space and Geometry (browser based)

Teaching Angles program (Yr 3/4)

Teaching about Angles (Stage 2)

2009 NTCF (still very useful for building to the ACARA endpoints)



Chance and Data (Probability and Statistics)


Space (Geometry)