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Charter / FOIL - FAQ

Cost of Charter (One Way) $200 for Kids / $400 for Adults (Payments to Front Office)

Departing dates/times: Generally the last day of Term 2-3pm for first flight (Charter Committee to advise closer to dates)

Returning dates/times: Generally the day before school starts 11-3pm (Charter Committee to advise closer to dates)

Foils allowance (per year): Full time DoE employees generally get 3 foils per year, this includes 3 *Return* flights from work to homebase(Normally Darwin) Approved Dependants are included.

Dependants: Dependants have to be on an approved list in order for payroll to process your foil successfully. Email or call payroll on 89995511 (asking for Education Payroll) or

Pets / Large Luggage (e.g. Push Bikes): Please ask Charter committee well in advance of departure, we can try to accommodate this for you.

End of Contract/ PD: Those who are travelling via EoC or PD need to organise this through the Principal/ TRIPS. Once all the approvals have been completed please advise charter committee

Charter Committee: Please email us on

Excess Luggage: With chartered flights excess luggage can be flexible, however be considerate to others when bringing stuff back as if there is not enough room your excess luggage will be the first to be left behind.

Adding Passengers on charter: Once the name list has closed, no more passengers will be able to be added unless another passenger decides to pull out. Within 2 weeks of flying no additional passengers will be added regardless. Don’t Ask!

Removing Passengers on charter: Removing passengers is simple and easy, let the charter committee know and we will remove you off the list. (WARNING! Your FOIL / Cash Payment may not be refunded)

Charter Committee Message: We are volunteers working in the charter committee, we are here to help make this process as smooth as possible please remember this!

Charter Timetable / Deadlines

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